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E-books / 6-9 years

Cover for Amanda! Amanda!

Amanda! Amanda!

Olle har blivit äldre och fått upp ögonen för tjejer. Speciellt kompisen Amanda. Olle tror att Amanda gillar honom också. Men det spelar inte alltid så stor roll vad man känner för ...

Cover for The Coffee Legend

The Coffee Legend

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, but where does it come from? Who had the idea to brew coffee beans instead of eating them? Were humans the first to sample co ...

Cover for The Blue Fairy

The Blue Fairy

On the Diyang hill by the side of the River Piyang, two young girls are playing on the hillside when they meet a fairy. What do they say to her? What does she want? Find out in thi ...

Cover for Too Many Bananas

Too Many Bananas

Sringeri Srinivas grows sweet bananas on his farm, and yet, no one wants to buy them. Find out what he did with them in this cute story from India.'Too Many Bananas' (English), wri ...

Cover for The Trouble with Trouble

The Trouble with Trouble

Trouble is the naughtiest dog in the whole village, but Trouble’s missing! Will you help Abhi look for her?The Trouble with Trouble is written by Menaka Raman. © Pratham Books , 20 ...

Cover for The Power of One

The Power of One

The children of Class 6 want to visit the amusement park, but will they be able to save enough money for the tickets? Follow the children of Primary 6 through their summer holidays ...

Cover for The Night the Moon Went Missing

The Night the Moon Went Missing

When the moon doesn’t rise from the sea one night, it is up to Maisha and her friend Uchli the flying fish to find her. But how can they look for the moon without any light?'The Ni ...

Cover for Who's on Divya's Map

Who's on Divya's Map

Divya is excited that her cousin Ravi is going to come to Gajapur soon. But she is not sure how he will find her house. Would a map help?'Who's on Divya's Map?' is written by Rohan ...

Cover for Shepherd's Folly. An African Folk Tale

Shepherd's Folly. An African Folk Tale

A poem about how a wolf tricked a shepherd and taught him a valuable life lesson.'Shepherd's Folly, An African Folk Tale.' (English), written by Aadhya Shivakumar, (© Aadhya Shivak ...

Cover for Marching to Freedom

Marching to Freedom

Mahatma Gandhi and his followers have decided to march to Dandi to protest against the unfair salt tax imposed by the British. 9-year-old Dhani who lives at the Sabarmati Ashram wa ...

Cover for Pishi Caught in a Storm

Pishi Caught in a Storm

Pishi was a huge manta ray fish. Normally he would swim in the Indian Ocean, but one day he was caught in a big storm. Wounded and far from home, help came from an unexpected corne ...

Cover for Majatalo Pimeä Kuu

Majatalo Pimeä Kuu

Lassi-rotta on lähdössä merille. Mutta osaako Lassi valita oikeanlaisen laivan? Osaako Lassi varmasti varoa laivakissaa? Isoisä on näistä asioista kovin huolissaan! Kun Lassi kirjo ...

Cover for Fati and the Green Snake

Fati and the Green Snake

Every day is a new beginning for Fati, a little girl who tries very hard to do as she is told. In this story, Fati gets a surprise when she is collecting firewood with her father. ...

Cover for Fati and the Soup Pot

Fati and the Soup Pot

Fati has always been a fast runner, and proves this once again at her school's sports day. When she returns home from school, she helps her mother prepare okro soup. The soup smell ...

Cover for How do Aeroplanes Fly?

How do Aeroplanes Fly?

Sarla wished she could fly high like an eagle or like an aeroplane. Of course you can fly, said her new teacher. Here, Sarla shares all that she has learnt about flight and aeropla ...

Cover for Around the World With a Chilli

Around the World With a Chilli

Behind the humble chilli is a fascinating story that takes one around the world. This story is not just about the spicy chilli, but also about the adventures of brave warriors and ...

Cover for Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!

Ana misses Goa. But she finds her new home fascinating. Everything seems so different in noisy Mumbai. In some tall buildings, she sees speakers and showers. Strange! They don’t ev ...

Cover for I'm the Colour of Honey

I'm the Colour of Honey

Is that your teacher? Is that your Aunty? Amanda is fed up with these questions and wishes that she looked just like her Mummy and Daddy. But maybe they are more alike than she rea ...

Cover for Creatures of Old

Creatures of Old

Ever wondered what the planet was like millions of years ago? What kind of creatures roamed the Earth? What trees grew in the prehistoric forests? Well, there is a way to find out— ...

Cover for Have you ever Heard a Whale Sing

Have you ever Heard a Whale Sing

The underwater world is a noisy place. Read all about some of the strongest, largest and loudest singers under the sea — whales!'Have You Ever Heard a Whale Sing?' (English), writt ...

Cover for I Want to be a Police Officer

I Want to be a Police Officer

Policemen need many skills to keep them ready and on their toes for their difficult job! Read this story to hear about the many lessons cadets need to learn about policing and life ...

Cover for A Cup of Cha

A Cup of Cha

Cha wallahs are a common site in India. When Meera's dad smells the sweet aroma of tea coming from the Cha wallah, he can't resist. Meera learns a lot about tea and the science beh ...

Cover for A Camel for Kelam

A Camel for Kelam

Pabu’s niece Kelam wants a camel for her birthday. Follow Kelam's adventures as he sets out rom Rajasthan to Lanka to see if he can find one. Find out if he is successful in this I ...

Cover for Fati and the Honey Tree

Fati and the Honey Tree

Every day is a new beginning for Fati, a little girl who tries very hard to do as she is told. In this story, Fati finds that climbing trees can lead to trouble. 'Fati and the Hone ...

Cover for Alkeisnoitumisen peruskurssi

Alkeisnoitumisen peruskurssi

– Sydämettömästi tervetuloa, uudet noitaoppilaat. Tänään te siis aloitatte alkeisnoitumisen peruskurssin, lausuu noitaopiston opettaja Kalju Ylikelju.Noitaopistossa opiskelu on aik ...