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Cover for New Girl In Town

New Girl In Town

When Aurora divorces her abusive ex, she is daunted by the prospect of starting all over again at 37 and decides to move to small-town Colorado to be closer to her best friend. Les ...

Cover for Amped


Despite the fame and fortune, rockstar and keyboard player for the Vixen’s Liz Larkin wants nothing more than to give it all up and pursue her dream career as a massage therapist. ...

Cover for Rhythm


Seeking peace and solitude, talented artist Beth has rented a remote mountain cabin to focus on her art. However, when her peace is disturbed by a heavy metal drummer named Finn, t ...

Cover for Strings


Rockstar and member of Vixen’s Wail, musician Jordan finds herself falling for a fellow bandmate. To distract herself, she decides to pursue handsome stranger Étienne instead. When ...

Cover for Forever His Champion

Forever His Champion

Revitalised by the love of Natalie Blackmere, Brandon the Bear is recalled to the Champions Guild where he seeks to prove himself once and for all. Finally free to love her champio ...

Cover for The Champion's Desire

The Champion's Desire

Now no longer the Lady of Blackmere, Natalie joins the travelling troop of legendary champions as they hunt down the traitor who arranged the siege of the town of Blackmere. Along ...

Cover for The Lady's Champion

The Lady's Champion

Set in the fictional medieval land of Aldland, Lady Natalie Blackmere has long dreamt of somehow meeting the famous champions of Aldland – in particular the legendary Brandon the B ...

Cover for Pyydys


Kun elämänsä suunnan kadottanut, työtön mies kuulee kaverinsa Ingan nerokkaan suunnitelman, tulevaisuus kirkastuu silmissä. Suomi on pullollaan leskiä ja muita puutteenalaisia, joi ...

Cover for Barnet i kupolen

Barnet i kupolen

Hannah Järnerud vid specialiststyrkan Lundberggruppen får ett nytt fall att lösa när en fasansfull upptäckt görs i Dalarnas största köpcenter. I Kupolens sopor hittas ett avlidet s ...

Cover for The Marriage That Didn’t Stay In Vegas

The Marriage That Didn’t Stay In Vegas

The catchphrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is supposed to be the code, but what happens when it doesn’t remain in Vegas? Phoebe Alexis Courtland had a plan. As a paral ...

Cover for Cirkus i Montana

Cirkus i Montana

Plötsligt står det att läsa i tidningen att McAvoys Travelling Circus kommer till Kaanan. Detta trots att de förbjudits att återvända sedan en ung kvinna mördats under deras senast ...