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Audiobooks / Children's books with pictures

Cover for King of Birds

King of Birds

The birds want a king, but they have difficulty choosing. They decide that the bird that can fly highest will be made king. The African Vulture thinks he has won the contest, but a ...

Cover for Fati and the Honey Tree

Fati and the Honey Tree

Every day is a new beginning for Fati, a little girl who tries very hard to do as she is told. In this story, Fati finds that climbing trees can lead to trouble. 'Fati and the Hone ...

Cover for Fati and the Soup Pot

Fati and the Soup Pot

Fati has always been a fast runner, and proves this once again at her school's sports day. When she returns home from school, she helps her mother prepare okro soup. The soup smell ...

Cover for Fati and the Green Snake

Fati and the Green Snake

Every day is a new beginning for Fati, a little girl who tries very hard to do as she is told. In this story, Fati gets a surprise when she is collecting firewood with her father. ...

Cover for The Coffee Legend

The Coffee Legend

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, but where does it come from? Who had the idea to brew coffee beans instead of eating them? Were humans the first to sample co ...

Cover for Fox and Rooster

Fox and Rooster

How is Rooster able to deceive all the other animals? Should he really be king of all the animals? If anybody can discover his secret, it must be the clever Fox.'Fox and Rooster' i ...

Cover for Why Hyenas Limp

Why Hyenas Limp

Hyenas can't walk without limping. Read this book to find out the story behind the hyena's limp.This story 'Why Hyenas Limp' has been published on StoryWeaver by African Storybook ...

Cover for Around the World With a Chilli

Around the World With a Chilli

Behind the humble chilli is a fascinating story that takes one around the world. This story is not just about the spicy chilli, but also about the adventures of brave warriors and ...

Cover for Who's on Divya's Map

Who's on Divya's Map

Divya is excited that her cousin Ravi is going to come to Gajapur soon. But she is not sure how he will find her house. Would a map help?'Who's on Divya's Map?' is written by Rohan ...

Cover for Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!

Ana misses Goa. But she finds her new home fascinating. Everything seems so different in noisy Mumbai. In some tall buildings, she sees speakers and showers. Strange! They don’t ev ...

Cover for Just the Way I Am

Just the Way I Am

Matko is too wide to fit through the yard-gate. Her friends suggest different exercises to help her slim down, but nothing works. Finally, Matko comes up with her own way to fit in ...

Cover for I'm the Colour of Honey

I'm the Colour of Honey

Is that your teacher? Is that your Aunty? Amanda is fed up with these questions and wishes that she looked just like her Mummy and Daddy. But maybe they are more alike than she rea ...

Cover for The Trouble with Trouble

The Trouble with Trouble

Trouble is the naughtiest dog in the whole village, but Trouble’s missing! Will you help Abhi look for her?The Trouble with Trouble is written by Menaka Raman. © Pratham Books , 20 ...

Cover for The Power of One

The Power of One

The children of Class 6 want to visit the amusement park, but will they be able to save enough money for the tickets? Follow the children of Primary 6 through their summer holidays ...

Cover for Journey by train over sea

Journey by train over sea

A short story about a little girl who is excited about travelling on a bridge over the sea.Journey by train over sea, written by Vandana Rao, Illustrated by Preeti Krishnamurthy an ...

Cover for Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain

Sukhiya Kaka from Bituana was a famous singer. This is the story about the day he met Dinoo the dinosaur, who turned out to be his biggest fan. Find out what escapades these two ge ...

Cover for We Love Our Home

We Love Our Home

Look high and low and you will find animals and birds making their homes around you, but do these high and low worlds ever meet? Find out in this story about the habitats they live ...

Cover for Too Many Bananas

Too Many Bananas

Sringeri Srinivas grows sweet bananas on his farm, and yet, no one wants to buy them. Find out what he did with them in this cute story from India.'Too Many Bananas' (English), wri ...

Cover for Wailers Three

Wailers Three

Mrs. Chang gets a letter from her son one day. She asks Warrior Wen to read it out to her. One look at the letter and Warrior Wen bursts into tears. Very soon, Mrs.Chang starts baw ...

Cover for The Man who Thought he was Smarter than his Wife

The Man who Thought he was Smarter than his Wife

Long long ago, there lived in Norway a grumpy, grouchy farmer called Gloomy Gus. Gloomy Gus was not just a grouch---he was arrogant too, and believed he was smarter than everybody ...

Cover for Why do Bees Buzz?

Why do Bees Buzz?

Why can't bees work quietly? Is there a reason for the bees to buzz so noisily? Learn about the work of the humble bee in this book.'Why Do Bees Buzz?' is written by Nabanita Deshm ...

Cover for Up World, Down World

Up World, Down World

In a canopy forest in India, the Up World and Down World have always been suspicious of each other. But it all changes when Gopa the dormouse drops her book by accident on Fatima’s ...

Cover for My City, My Dogs

My City, My Dogs

The roads are their playground and they have made the city and the people their own. Follow the lives of some of Mumbai's street dogs in this short book where street dogs like Capt ...

Cover for Who Drives the Driverless Car?

Who Drives the Driverless Car?

Story time! Paati is here for the summer and Suvi wants to make the most of it. As her grandma starts describing the Pushpaka Vimana, Suvi wonders if it’s like a driverless car, wh ...

Cover for The Night the Moon Went Missing

The Night the Moon Went Missing

When the moon doesn’t rise from the sea one night, it is up to Maisha and her friend Uchli the flying fish to find her. But how can they look for the moon without any light?'The Ni ...