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Cover for Our Stolen Child
Isbn: 978-87-2852-947-8
Publisher: Saga Egmont
Novels Romance Feelgood
Accessible since: November 2022
Narrator: Katherine Fenton
Length: 8 hours 47 minutes


Our Stolen Child

When their last embryo is accidentally given to another woman, Quinn and James reminisce about the child they gave up 4 years prior...

All Quinn has ever wanted is to be a mother. Although her husband James brings her comfort, the knowledge they have no embryos left, and that their child is out there being raised by another family, is tearing them both apart.

When the clinic tells Quinn and James they have the right to spend time with little Emily, at first they hesitate. Of course, they would never want to come between Emily and her loving family. But they can’t turn down the chance to look into their own child’s eyes...

Quinn’s heart cracks wide open the second she sees Emily’s wild curly hair framing her heart-shaped face, and big brown eyes staring up at her. And when a giggling Emily flings her tiny arms around Quinn’s waist, it’s like she’s right where she belongs.

And as the two families reckon with an unimaginable situation, a terrible secret from James’ past surfaces: one that forces Quinn to question everything she thought she wanted. Will Emily’s family allow their relationship to continue? How will they decide what’s right for the little girl they all love so dearly? And where does Emily truly belong?

An absolutely unputdownable, heart-wrenching read about two families torn apart by one terrible mistake. Anyone who loves Jodi Picoult’s ´My Sister’s Keeper´ won’t be able to put this down.

Read what everyone’s saying about Our Stolen Child:

"A beautifully written and emotive read that was gripping right from the start. I found myself tearing up... I couldn't put it down." - Goodreads reviewer

"This is an intense, emotional journey of hope, fear, love and heartache that I read within two days... An ending that I was not expecting... beautiful... Plan a day to devour this novel. You will love it! I did!" - Goodreads reviewer

"Pulls on the heart strings... A beautiful book that will stay with me for a long time." - Goodreads reviewer

A night-owl, Melissa began writing novels when her early-to-bed family retired for the evening. She is the author of emotional women’s fiction, romantic comedy... and sometimes both in the same book. In 2019, Melissa won the RWA Golden Heart® in the Mainstream Fiction Category.

Along with her charming husband and two adorable children, Melissa splits her time between the big city of Pittsburgh and rural West Virginia.

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